"I have been friends with Christina a whole year before she became my acupuncturist. I was willing to overcome the fear of needles because the immense trust I have for Christina. I love it so much now that I know when I am imbalanced I schedule an appointment right away. I have be receiving treatments for strong eye pain due to emotional stress that flares at times. I am thrilled to say that it goes away every time I have a treatment. I can't say enough about how grateful I am for Christina love and support. Christina Acupuncture is Awesome!!"  

Beth D.  

​​"I was skeptical like most people about Acupuncture before my first treatment. Would the needles hurt? What to expect? Will it work? HOW does it work? Christina was very professional, patient and comforting through the entire process. After my first treatment, my sleep improved and the night sweats I was experiencing diminished by 80%. From that moment on, I became a believer in Acupuncture and look forward to regular treatments now. I like that I am getting healthy naturally with no pills or harmful side effects. Christina is now my go-to doctor for all health concerns from a sore throat to hormonal imbalances."  

Wendy D.

"I began going to acupuncture about 16 years ago. I was a skeptic at first... until it changed my life! Now, it is the day I look forward to the most each month! Christina goes out of her way to make everyone she encounters feel comfortable! She is a great listener and makes it a priority to balance my energy so I am on a positive pathway to health each time I visit her. She is willing to work with my primary care physician's recommendations and never makes me feel as though her work contradicts my doctor's goals. I recommend that everyone try acupuncture- Christina is the perfect person to trust! :) I've used acupuncture to treat migraines, sinus infections, bone contusions, joint pain, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, and everyday stress. My husband used it for carpal tunnel and a shoulder injury... It's amazing! Give Christina a call!" 

Erin A.

​​"Christina is one of the most compassionate people I know. She has been treating me for years. I've had neck and shoulder pain on and off over the years. When I needed treatment, after a couple of sessions I felt amazing. Christina also treats my mother (68), grandmother (89) & grandfather (93). She has helped us all. I highly recommend Christina for your alternative health care problems. She is amazing!"  Colleen H.

​"I have been going to Christina's Acupuncture Office for several weeks now. Christina is a beautiful "human being!" - relaxed, brimming with quiet but strong energy, happy and intense about life. But most importantly, she is one of the very best listeners I have ever encountered in my life. I believe Christina's listening abilities are what make her treatments so successful. After my 3rd treatment I had complete relief from the most terrible pain I had lived with for years. That day when my son took me to our car, I got in without any pain nor strain. He was looking at me and asked: "You all right, Mom?' OF COURSE, I HAVEN'T FELT THIS GOOD IN YEARS! THE PAIN IS GONE! I could NOT believe it!​  To be honest with all of you, I have no idea how acupuncture helps us. I don't think it is necessary for me to know that but I just added it to the "pile" of multiple wonders of our world today. I can guarantee it will be part of my life forever! And, I hope Christina is part of the journey. *You will thoroughly enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of her office. I am sure you will also enjoy her staff - Tarrah (her wonderful daughter...) and of course, Beth. Beth, too, exhibits the most amazing energy and happiness. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BY TRYING ACUPUNCTURE WITH CHRISTINA SLUMAN!"  

Marilu S.

​"I have gone several times to see Christina Sluman for my joint and sinus pain. I also had work done to reduce my stress. The atmosphere and experience was more that I could ask for. Christina is so friendly and professional. I now schedule weekly appointments!"  

Elizabeth P.

"I have been enjoying the benefits of Acupuncture weekly/biweekly from Christina for quite sometime. To say she practices Acupuncture is limiting. Christina cares about the whole person. I would highly recommend a consultation with Christina!"

Rocco V.

When I go to medical appointments, I often feel rushed and don't feel that my questions are answered.  I was delighted to find that Christina takes time to get to know me, intently focuses on my issues, and makes me feel I am the only person in the world.  Her personal touch is incredible!!  Christina is all about you!  She does what is best for you with a kind and caring heart. She is the TOTAL package!

Julie W.

I have seen Christina since the fall of 2014 for upper back pain and tension. Her comprehensive approach to help me regain good health and balance has been a gift. Her skill in applying acupuncture and other techniques including massage, along with suggested stretches has improved my overall health tremendously. Christina listens attentively and compassionately to determine the best course of action with respect to the care she provides her patients. I am extremely grateful for all that she has done for me. I recommend her with the highest regard and respect.  

Miryam MK 

Being an esthetician for 7 years, and seeing at least 5 clients per day, without breaks, I started to feel some shoulder pain.  I thought it was something that could have been treated with a few massage sessions.  A month went by, and the pain in my right shoulder was getting worse.  I decided to see a doctor and get an MRI.  The diagnosis were Bursitis and Supraspinatus Tendinosis.  The doctor put me  on work restrictions, only 4 clients a day, and 30 minute breaks in between each client.  I had also started physical therapy twice a week, and I was icing my shoulder about 5 times per day.  Three months went by, and I still had the pain.  I decided to see an Acupuncturist, and heard wonderful things about Christina Sluman.   I made an appointment, and began seeing her the next day.  The session was relaxing and I felt almost instant relief.  I went back to work the next day and I felt just like a new personno pain after 3 agonizing months.  Why did I wait that long!  Thank you so much Christina for what you have done to help me with my condition.  I will always get Acupuncture as a preventative treatment to balance my mind, body, and spirit.      

Vivian M.

After months of dealing with intense upper back/shoulder trigger point pain, and receiving no relief from massages and chiropractic visits, I was at my wits end!!  A friend recommended acupuncture because her mother is a client of Christina’s and loves her.  After my first treatment with Christina I was 80% better!  Now after five treatments I have complete range of motion in my shoulder, upper back comfort and much, much better sleep.  Between the acupuncture and cupping I received, plus the tips she has given me for in between treatments (special baths and stretches), I have been able to function immensely better and I am looking forward to the upcoming golf season!  Christina’s compassion, true sense of caring and individualized treatments will keep me going back.   Acupuncture has changed my life!

Victoria R.

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Christina Sluman Acupuncture

Harness the Natural Healing Power of your Body, Mind, and Spirit

​​Harness the Natural Healing Power of your Body, Mind, and Spirit